Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone! My name is Christiana and welcome to my blog! I have never done anything like this and quite frankly, grammar is not my strong suit, but I’m really excited to be sharing my experience at Northeastern with you all. If you have questions about anything please leave a comment. Talk to you soon in my next post!

– Christiana

And Just Like That It’s Over

For the past 5 and 1/2 months I’ve been on co-op at Beth Israel Hospital as a Patient Care Technician, or PCT for short. I obviously bought into the whole Northeastern model of experiential learning but in the back of my mind I figured co-op probably wasn’t going to be as great as it sounded. Working full time while some of your friends are still in class, some on study abroad, some co-oping outside of Boston, and others also working 40 hours a week sounded more complicated than fun at the time. As I’m approaching my last two weeks of co-op I can confidently say that co-op is even better then it sounds. I have loved the work I’ve been able to do and the people I have met. For me, it cemented the fact that I want to not only be a nurse, but be an oncology nurse. I enjoy having a long standing relationship with my patients and I see the value in having a work environment filled with so much love. The care the nurses give to the patients in unmatched to anything I’ve seen so far and the appreciation the patients give in return makes the job feel like more and more of a passion project everyday. As a night owl I never thought I would enjoy waking up at 6am four times a week for 6-months but I’m more sad about this co-op ending than I could ever put into words. This truly has been an amazing experience for me. I will continue as a per diem employee during the semester to not only maintain the professional connection, but also to maintain my skills and gain as much exposure as possible.

Feel free to leave any questions you have about the co-op process below and I’ll continue to check back periodically to answer them!

Happy Holidays Everyone!